Hello my name is Khris Burton.

Welcome to The Caribbean Director of Photography.

I'm a professional Director and Director of Photography from one of the most beautiful place on earth : The Caribbean.

I have graduated at (ESRA) a well known film school in Paris, France.


Since 2004,

​I've shot  more than one hundred videos, Including ,Music Videos, Events, Commercials, Tv Shows and Award winning short films.

I work with various type of cameras and setups :  Canon 5D, Sony A7S, Red One, Red Epic, Red Dragon to name a few...

Feel free to get in touch with me via Live Chat, whatsapp or the contact tab over there and I'll be delighted to help you on your next project.


You can also visit my personnal website to check my work as a Director. : www.khrisburton.com




Tel / Whatsapp

+596 696 854 427


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